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Our mission is to empower individuals and organisations to unlock their creative potential.

We offer professional development, training consulting and mentoring services that harness the power of Design as a strategy to drive creativity, innovation and branding for personal and business success.


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Customised Corporate Training  →

Customised Corporate Training →

Learn innovation skills to stay relevant to the future.

Online Courses  →

Online Courses →

Learn the art of crafting a strong brand.

E-Books  →

E-Books →

Learn brand building by design to craft memorable brand journeys.



Unlock a world of insights that harness the power of Design to fuel your business journey.


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At Creative Nexus Group, we are here to assist you in your quest for knowledge and personal growth. Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned professional, or a life-long learner, our diverse range of programmes and resources are tailored to unlock your creative potential and drive your career success. Contact us today to explore a world of possibilities.


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▶️  Innovation Meets Creativity

▶️ Innovation Meets Creativity

Explore the profound changes to creativity in the era of generative AI, rapid technological advancements, and the blurring lines between man and machine.

▶️  What is the Value of Design in Business?

▶️ What is the Value of Design in Business?

How does Design work in business? How does Design sustain a business?

▶️  How Does Design Unlock the Power of Your Business Story?

▶️ How Does Design Unlock the Power of Your Business Story?

What is your business story? What role does Design play in creating a business story?

▶️  How Does Design Future-Proof Your Business?

▶️ How Does Design Future-Proof Your Business?

How to use Design to navigate change in your business? What key principles drive Design's role in business future-proofing?



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About Us

We work extensively at the intersection of Design and Business, which includes design thinking, innovation, creative thinking, entrepreneurship, service design, user experience design, creative problem solving, creative visualisation, multidisciplinary design, design communication, design management, and business/product/service branding. For more insights and to connect with Keith Tan, Founder of Creative Nexus Group, visit his LinkedIn profile.

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